Hey guys my name is Smith Bhojak
I am from an awesome country “India”.
love using new tech and tech appliances also
love cooking as a side hobby apart from
Programming 🙂
I like traveling, adventure ,
Internet Surfing, Music and I firmly
believe in Self-learning. In my spare time
I like to Read blogs and Watching Movies 🙂



I finished my Higher Secondary
School in 2014 and Joined Diploma
In Computer Science in a Polytechnic and
learning a lot of new things and finding
new interests



I have deveopled several skills since
last few years, i found interest in cooking
various food
I also have started writing a
blog about it including tech.

From W3Schools and Codecademy i
learned Static , Dynamic and Responsive
Web Designing and i am Looking Forward for
learning more and more



I am Really Interested in Web Developing And
Cloud Computing Also i like the Field Of Artificial
Intelligence and Machine Learning Also i appart
from this i want to create my Own Operating
System which is really unique and very
useful for the future


After I Got interested in Web Designing And
Developing ,i have developed these projects
So far:

Project Alpha
(Popup Quiz !)

Project Beta
(Rock Paper Scissor !)

Project Gamma
(Tennis | Not Mobile-friendly)

About Me


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