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Top 3 easiest recipes.

Well we all want something to cook for ourself when we get hungry and our moms’  not around so here are Top 3 easiest mouth watering recipes.

#3 Bread Paneer Rolls

Bread Paneer Rolls are probably the easiest and quickest snack you can make with some bread slices and paneer filling. I make this often with different variations of paneer filling recipe to make a nice snack for tea time.

-1 cup crumbled paneer
-1 small onion, chopped fine (I should have added this!)
-1/2 tsp red chilli powder
-1/4 tsp powdered cumin / jeera
-1/2 tsp garam masala
-1/2 tsp ginger garlic paste
-A small bunch of coriander, chopped fine
-1 tsp or a bit more tomato sauce / ketchup
-4 slices of bread
-Butter to toast
-Salt to taste
How to Make Paneer Bread Rolls: 

-Place the crumbled panner in a nice bowl

-Add the red chilli powder, garam masala, salt, chopped coriander, chopped onion, and jeera to this.
-Mix lightly with your finger tips.
-Then add the tomato sauce or ketchup and the ginger garlic paste.
-Blend again with finger tips. Set aside while you prep the bread.
-Remove the crusts from your bread
-Roll out each slice as thin as you can. Commercial bread will have tons of leaveners in it so you get to do this quite easily.
-Place about 1 tsp or so of filling on one end of the rolled out bread slice.
-Gently roll in from one end, making sure that the filling stays well within the first turn of the roll.
-Go ahead and roll it all up.
-Now, butter up the rolls well on all sides.
-Lightly roast in a pan until all sides are browned.
this is what it looks like  🙂

#2 Quick Potato Patties Recipe | Aloo Tikki Recipe

Aloo Tikki is a quick and easy snack recipe using potatoes. Potato Patties or Aloo Tikkis made with grated potatoes and some mild Indian spices.

Quick Potato Patties / Aloo Tikki Recipe

-2 medium potatoes, grated
-A bunch of fresh coriander leaves, chopped
-1 tsp jeera / jeerakam
-2 green chillies, chopped
-1 generous pinch asafoetida / hing / perungayam
-1/2 tsp red chilli powder
-1 to 2 tbsp besan / bengal gram powder / kadala mavu
-Salt to taste

How to make Aloo Tikki:
-Grate the potatoes and add the other ingredients in. Mix welll. Make into flat patty shapes on palm of hand and shallow fry in a wide pan until golden brown on both sides.

-Serve the tikkis with ketchup. Tastes best when really hungry!

-If you have more time in hand, then add chopped onions and some minced ginger. I haven’t tried that but something tells me that would taste even better.

– If you try this recipe with any differences or variations, please do come back and leave your version in the comment section. Would appreciate that.

#1 Bhel Puri

 Of course My all fav snack is this the most tastiest and also healthy food (aka sev puri)

bhel puri recipe, how to make bhel poori

-1 cup of puffed rice
-1/4 cup of finely chopped, deseeded ripe tomatos
-1/2 cup of finely chopped onions
-1/4 cup of boiled, roughly mashed potatoes
-1 tsp of grated ginger
-1 cup of crushed chaat papdi (papad)
-1.5 cups of nylon sev
-3,4 tbsp of green chutney
-2,3 tbsp of red chutney
-1/2 tsp of black salt (or to taste)
-1/2 tsp of garam masala or chaat masala
-1/4 cup of roasted peanuts (salted or unsalted)
-1/4 cup of chopped coriander leaves
-1 tbsp of lemon juice (more or less to taste)


Prepare the chutneys first. You can do this a few days before and store them in the refrigerator too.

For green chutney, grind together mint leaves, coriander leaves, cumin seeds, chaat masala, lemon juice, and rest of ingredients to a smooth paste with water. You can find detailed recipe for green chutney here.

Here are the detailed instructions for sweet date tamarind chutney.

Once you have the chutneys ready and have boiled the potatoes, putting together the bhel puri is a breeze.

To assemble the bhel puri:

Reserve half a cup of sev and add all other ingredients to a wide bowl.

Give it a good mix and taste test to see if the sour vs sweet vs spicy is good and suits your taste. Adjust the ingredients (add more sweet chutney, salt, etc) to make it perfect.

You can serve in paper cones or simple bowls with generous amounts of sev and coriander leaves for garnish.
Step by Step Pictures to Make Bhel Poori at Home:

1. Set aside 1/2 cup sev and add all other ingredients to a wide bowl.

bhel puri recipe, how to make bhel poori recipe-6

2. Using a wide spoon or spatula, mix thoroughly until all ingredients are combined fully. The most important step is right after this – taste testing! Adjust ingredients according to how spicy, sour, sweet you want your bhel puri to be.

bhel puri recipe, how to make bhel poori recipe-3

3. Finally, add the reserved sev and garnish with chopped coriander leaves. I love sev so I use a generous hand when garnishing my bhel puri.

bhel puri recipe, how to make bhel poori recipe-2

Serve immediately, otherwise the bhel puri will get soggy. If making for a large group, mix the ingredients in batches to ensure freshness and crispness of the sev and puffed rice.

Note: you can also use crushed golgappa (puri used for pani poori) instead of papad for a slightly different texture in your bhel puri.


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